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2023  Artist Series Interview with Pamela J. Black, WITF Mosaic
2023  Artful Inspirations: Pamela J. Black, May Issue, page 56/57, Harrisburg
Magazine (PRINT)
2023  Visionary Art Collective, Interview: Pamela J. Black: Finding a Sense of Balance
Between Chaos and Control

2022 The Get Creative Podcast, Ep. #15 / Artist Mother with Pamela J. Black
2022 TheBurg Podcast, March Episode
2022 March Issue, Cover Artist, The Burg (PRINT)
2022 Issue I, Featured Artist in New Visionary Magazine, Visionary Art Collective (PRINT)
2021 The April Selection: 3 Artists We Love, Visionary Artists

2021 Bob's Art Blog: Spring Has Sprung, The Burg News
2021 Bob's Art Blog: A Year In Art, Part 2, The Burg News
2020  Issue VIII, Featured Artist in PIKCHUR Magazine (PRINT)
2020 Bob's Art Blog: The Signature Style of Pamela J. Black, The Burg News
2020 ART: Art comes out of quarantine at CALC, The Sentinel

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