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Pamela J. Black is a painter who lives and works in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Her creative practice involves constant experimentation and serves as a source of mediation which is rooted in abstraction. She received her Bachelor in Fine Arts from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and holds her Masters in Education, which she obtained while teaching art for five years. She has exhibited in galleries nationally and is currently an artist in residence at The Millworks in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 


My paintings are interpretations of what I see around me and are visual representations of my internal daily meditations. I often begin by creating a random mark on canvas or paper and respond to it by bringing order back to the surface. Focus on process, change, and exploration is essential to creating work that feels authentic and personal. My creative process is fueled by a need to find a sense of balance between chaos and control through experimentation and intentionality. Transferring my noisy mind into these other unique worlds through my paintings is something that gives my life purpose. 


Through this dialogue that I create, I continue to find connections to myself. My paintings serve as reflections of my soul’s landscape - they are visual records of my emotions, findings, and my everyday thoughts. I choose to explore these ideas through my relationship with the medium, while constantly expressing myself through the process of painting.


My most recent work explores the intense grief from the recent loss of my father. After battling stage 4 cancer for exactly one year, he passed this April. Painting has been something I’ve always turned to as a way of self expression, but I found it extremely relevant this past year as I tried to process his poor prognosis. In the end, my hope is for the viewer to be brought into the present moment while engaging with my paintings and to be able to find their own story within the artwork.

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